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Training initiatives for mature workers available in Tumbler Ridge

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A total of 10 workers from Tumbler Ridge will benefit from the training, which will begin in September and finish in November 2016.


The TIOW training in Tumbler Ridge supports B.C.͛s Community Transition Services efforts and is a direct response to the job losses that occurred due to major industry changes in this area. The residents were significantly impacted by the curtailment of their primary employers Walter Energs Wolverine Mine, Teck Resources Limited͛s Quintette Mine and Anglo American͛s Peace River Coal Mine. B.C.͛s Community Transition Services team has been working closely with community leaders and service providers, including Northern Lights College to provide training opportunities, as well as support to impacted workers.


TIOW is a successful cost-shared initiative between the Government of Canada and the Province of British Columbia. The provincial and federal governments launched the TIOW program in 2007 to assist vulnerable communities that are facing labour-force adjustments due to changes in the local economy. The program provides skills training and employment support to unemployed older workers, aged 55 to 64, so they can pursue longer-term jobs, further their education or get career training. This program not only benefits program participants, but will help local employers and their region as employers gain the skilled workers they need to transform their economy.


Each TIOW program is based on the unique demographics and economic outlook of the region. Because of this tailored approach to content and delivery, this program has been well received by both participants and employers. Since 2007, the TIOW has helped more than 4,300 participants, the majority of whom found employment or pursued further education after the program.




Mike Bernier, MLA, Peace River South 

The coal mines were the lifeline of Tumbler Ridge for decades. It has been very challenging for our residents and their families who lost jobs because of the mine curtailment. The Community Transition Team has been very helpful in supporting us through this difficult period as we look for ways to transform our economy here in the future.

Dr. Loren Lovegreen, vice-president, academic and research, Northern Lights College

͞The economic downturn in the Tumbler Ridge region has deeply affected the community, and as a stakeholder working with the Community Transition Team, Northern Lights College is very appreciative that the TIOW funding initiative will provide support for mature learners returning to school.


Quick Facts

    • B.C.’s Community Transition Team provides support for resource-based communities experiencing significant job loss impacts, such as a result of the closure or downsizing of the community’s primary employer or industry.
    • Canada and B.C. have committed approximately $10.4 million to deliver the TIOW date.
    • The TIOW program is for participants in small communities of 250,000 or less that areSince TIOW͛s launch in 2007, more than 4,300 individuals have been assisted in B.C. to The B.C. Labour Market Outlook indicates that, by 2024, there will be nearly one million job openings in B.C. due to the growing economy and anticipated retirement

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