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Women spread their wings in aircraft maintenance

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Women around the world are encouraged to spread their wings for Women of Aviation Worldwide Week, which marks the first female pilot’s license being issued and celebrates women in the industry. 

The NLC Aircraft Maintenance Technician program is home to several amazing women who love their trade. They are in their first semester of the program and are all excited to be here. 

Agatha Basisper and Hidee Fujishige are from the Philippines and already have backgrounds in the industry. Hidee was an engineer and did an internship with Lufthansa. 

“I was really inspired,” she says. “I got to meet all the inspectors, everyone seemed to love their job, so I thought why not try it?” 

Agatha worked on commercial aircraft and is amazed at the facilities in Canada as compared to home. 

“Northern Lights College, especially the hangar and the shop, is paradise for us aircraft technicians because everything, from the hand tools to the machinery is perfect,” says Agatha. 

For Laura Kohan, interest in aircraft runs in the family. Her father is a pilot, and her uncle used to be an aircraft technician. 

“I actually got my automotive ticket first, and I decided it wasn’t for me,” she said. “[But] working on helicopters is pretty cool, and I love to do it. 

Maria Potyrala, like most of her classmates, wants to see the world once she’s done the program. 

“I love helicopters; they’re the coolest piece of machinery out there,” she says. “I would love to get on with a company that does heli-skiing or heli-fishing — just something adventurous.” 

Era Miguel wants to work with helicopters and command one, as well. 

“After this, I want to join the Royal Canadian Air Force; I’m currently in the process [of applying] for it.” 

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