Student Financial Aid and Awards

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Paying for your education and for the things you need while studying can be a challenge. The Student Financial Aid & Awards site brings together all of the information you need about funding your time at NLC.

As you work through this information, there are two key definitions you need to know:

Loan A loan is money you borrow that is repayable.  This includes student loans (BC Student Loan, Canada Student Loan) as well as loans from banks, or other agencies.  Loans typically charge interest as you re-pay them; sometimes even before you repay them.

An award is money that you do not have to pay back.  It includes scholarships, bursaries, grants, and awards.  Some grants are provided by the government (Canada Study Grant, Adult Upgrading Grant), some grants are provided by private organizations (such as BC Hydro), and some grants come from the NLC Foundation.

Please note that if you receive awards totalling over $500, the net amount after deduction is included in your income in the year received.


No matter the source or type of funding, we are making every effort to enable you to find it here!

Funding your education

Both the Canadian federal government, and the provinces provide online tools to help you discover how to fund your education:

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