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Financial Assistance at Northern Light College

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Northern Lights College has partnered with many national and international companies and businesses to offer student financial assistance for training and learning. Through the Northern Lights Foundation, there are bursaries, grants, and scholarships that apply to many different programs of study. In some instances the money is available but are never released because nobody has applied for it.

I encourage everyone to contact our Students Services area to inquire about these funding opportunities. However, in addition to the funding made available directly to students through our Foundation, eligible students may also apply to Canada Student Loans and get assistance through that route. This is a comprehensive loan that would provide funding not only for tuition, but also for living expenses, rent, books, and other aspects. The details are all outlined in the Student Loan Application form. Repayment of the loan is long-term, often up to ten years to repay it, and you don’t have to start to repay it until after you complete your studies.

I strongly urge individuals to apply for a Canada Student Loan, because in some instances for specific programs, the Province of British Columbia will repay part or all of that loan if you stay and study in the North. The repayment program changes from time to time, so for current information you need to contact Student Services. The point is, depending on what you are studying, you can get your post-secondary education for free, but you don’t qualify for that consideration unless you have a Canada Student Loan.