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The BC Jobs Plan and Northern Lights College

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The Government of British Columbia is into the third year of its BC Jobs Plan, and Northern Lights College has been able to align itself with that plan to facilitate training. That plan identifies 100 jobs that are most in need throughout British Columbia, but those jobs are based on national statistics so it is actually a list that applies to job shortages nationally.

Northern Lights College is situated in the portion of British Columbia where tens of billions of dollars of mega-projects are either unfolding now, or are being proposed. These include major pipelines, major liquefied natural gas plants, hydro-electric power projects, mines, and natural gas processing sites. A wide range of work will be available as those projects get launched, and in order to participate in those projects, it is important to get the proper credentials and training. That’s where our College can help.

Northern Lights College covers a delivery area that includes the northern one-third of British Columbia. The College has program delivery sites at all our major centres in the north, and we have a variety of delivery models that includes face-to-face instruction, on-line learning, and video conferencing. We partner with other post-secondary colleges and universities to provide transfer into their programs. We also help business and industry by providing a wide range of workplace training, such as safety courses, management skills, and office procedures courses.

The BC Jobs plan is a response by government to provide a workforce in order to help industry get these projects built and operating as soon as possible. The plan has had significant success and the reports documenting this are all available on-line under the BC Jobs Plan websites.