College Governance for Students

Student Representation

Each year, we seek student representatives on NLC’s Education Council and Board of Governors. Student participation is key to how we receive feedback on programming and services. In addition to helping shape the college you attend, participating in the council or on the board provides valuable insight into how to develop policy, run meetings, and lead organizations. Student representatives are elected positions. Elections are held in September or October following a nomination period.

As detailed in the NLC Student Non-academic Code of Conduct Policy A-5.04 we expect you to act with integrity, dignity, honesty, and respect. We do not condone disruptive or dangerous behaviour, or other actions that disrupt instructional activities and services, or otherwise undermine a conducive learning environment. It applies to conduct both on campus and off campus. There are disciplinary measures for behaviour that is not acceptable.

Education Council

Education Council sets educational policies and curriculum at NLC. The council also advises the Board of Governors on other issues, including the criteria for awarding of certificates, diplomas, and degrees. The College and Institute Act legislates the need for an education council, including the requirement for student representation.

Board of Governors

The Board of Governors is empowered by the College and Institute Act of British Columbia to manage, administer, and direct the affairs of the institution. Under the act, the board makes bylaws for the orderly conduct of its affairs. As with council, the act requires student representation on the board.

Students' Association

The Northern Lights College Students’ Association hosts social, cultural, and recreational events for students. The NLCSA strives to represent students from all campuses through local councils that organize activities on each campus. If you are interested in getting involved with student life on campus, this is a great place to start.


Elections are a two stage process. The first step towards representing students at the Board, Education Council, or the Student Association, is to be nominated.  Nomination requires completion of the nomination form, and submission to the appropriate electoral officer.  

Education Council and Board of Governors

You are eligible for both Council and Board if you are enrolled either full-time or part-time in a regular program taking a minimum of two courses. You must also have paid the Student's Association fee.

Education Council
Elected Student Representatives:
     Mark Angel A. Andaya              
     Josephine L. Mata 
     Ramanpreet Kaur
     Rosemarie Lee          

Board of Governors
Elected Student Representatives:
     Mark Angel A. Andaya
     Ramanpreet Kaur                   

More information about nominations and elections can be found here.

Student Association / Student Council

You are eligible if you are enrolled (at least) part-time and have paid the Student's Association fee. All members of the association are eligible to vote in the election.

FSJ Student Council Elected for 2022-2023:
   President: Rebecca Christopher
   Vice-President: Nicoleta Grama
   Secretary: Christine Villamour
   Treasurer: Wyndel Bert A. Corillo

Dawson Creek Student Council Elected for 2022-2023:
President: Bathiya Jayasooriya Aarachchi (started: Jan 2023)
   Vice-President: Meesha Beaulieu
   Secretary: Cemil Ricafort
   Treasurer: Fathima Aziz (started: Jan 2023)

Chetwynd Student Council Elected for 2022-2023:
   Vice-President: Emma Franks
   Treasurer: Terry Lepretre

Tumbler Ridge Student Council Elected for 2022-2023:
   President: Dylan Miller

If you wish to participate in a Student Council Branch different than your defined home campus, you must:  Email a request that specifies your desire to: change your Home Campus for the purposes of student association

For more information email