WHMIS Requirements

All Northern Lights College all employees that may be required to come into contact with a controlled product will require WHMIS training or will have to provide proof of participation in a recent WHMIS workshop. If the employee requires WHMIS training the college will provide the training at no cost to the employee.

Northern Lights College has contracted the 3E Corporation to maintain a web based MSDS database for us.Every College worker will have access to the database. The web address for the database is 3eonline.com. the username is: northernlightsco and the password is dawsoncreek . The College has a maintained database that can be found under the simple search tab. We also have access to the full database of over 3 million products under the MSDS.com tab. If anyone requires an MSDS please send a request to the Manager, Safety and Facilities Services.

Controlled substance disposal

  1. Always wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when handling a controlled substance or hazardous waste.
  2. Place the item into the appropriate container if required. Label if necessary.
  3. Move the item(s) to a safe ventilated area.
  4. Ensure no other employees contact the item(s).
  5. Contact the facilities personnel on shift to pick up the items for storage and disposal.
  6. The facilities staff or the administrator will call a contractor to pick up the items for disposal.