Each department within the College is expected to utilize the Policies and Procedures contained within the Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Program to create their own specific working procedures.

The electronic Employee OH&S Program manual will be accessible via computer on every campus and all employees must familiarize themselves with its content. Printed copies of the revised program will no longer be made available in our effort to reduce the amount of paper being used on each campus. Printing pages of this program should only be done out of necessity, please consider the environment when deciding to print any of the program content.

No unsafe act will be encouraged or accepted by Northern Lights College, whose commitment to excellence is reflected in its quality people and service.

The information found in the health and Safety Program will be current and appropriate to the College’s operations. While management is committed to providing a safe work environment, each employee and contractor, is expected to assume responsibility for his or her actions while representing Northern Lights College, and to be informed of the safety expectations in the workplace.

A safety program is good business practice. Accidents are wasted financial and human resources. Recognizing the need for efficient and productive business operations, the College will communicate and enforce the policies it has adopted. The avoidance of loss, damage, illness and injury improves employee morale and client confidence.

View the video on Northern Lights College's alert and emergency notification system that uses audible and visual alerts: