Electrician Apprenticeship

Electrician Apprenticeship

Program Description

An Electrician lays out, installs, tests, troubleshoots and repairs electrical systems that provide light, heat, communication, and power to a variety of new and existing residential, commercial, and industrial structures.

Today’s wired environment requires Electricians to install a variety of wiring such as data, audio, video, signaling, and communication cabling. Electrical control systems are also becoming more complex – often solid-state or computer controlled.

If a student currently works as an Electrician and has an employer who will provide on-the-job training, s/he is eligible to enroll in Apprenticeship training. An Apprenticeship is a three-party agreement between the Apprentice, the employer, and the Industry Training Authority.

Students receive training according to the provincial Apprenticeship cur­riculum, as established by the Industry Training Authority of British Columbia, pertinent to the Apprenticeship level in which the student is enrolled. Upon successful completion of all four levels and appropriate time in the trade, the student may be eligible to write the Inter-Provincial exam in Electrician.

Career Prospects

The three main settings in which Electricians typically work are:

  • Construction: Electricians work as part of a contractor’s team, on both residential and commercial construction projects, or as independent electrical contractors.
  • Industrial: Electricians are typically employed on staff at large-scale industrial facilities such as pulp mills, hydroelectric dams, and mining and smelting operations.
  • Institutional: Most large institutions such as hospitals, school boards, universities and other public facilities have at least one Electrician working as part of their maintenance department.


Location: Fort St. John Campus

Length: 10 weeks per level

Start: Current Apprenticeship level program schedule 

Fees: Current Fee Schedule

Admission Prerequisites

Admission requirements as indicated by the ITA.

Important Notes

  1. The program is not eligible for Canada Student Loans.
  2. Students must provide safety equipment, including footwear having CSA safety-toe protection and CSA safety glasses with clear lenses.
  3. The program is affiliated with the Industry Training Authority.
  4. The information on this program page is a summary of the official Program Completion Guide approved by NLC’s Education Council. Download a PDF of the Program Completion Guide.  

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Associate Dean: Robert McAleney

Program Instructor: Michael Dwojak

Apprenticeship Contact: Department


*Non-Harmonized Courses:
ELAT 100 Electrician Level 1
ELAT 200 Electrician Level 2