Trades Intake Schedules

The timetable below is maintained by the Office of the Registrar.  The timetable is sorted by trade and intake start date.  To see detailed information about each intake, click the magnifying glass.

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Semester 2021 Winter (non-Semester) (2021WV)
Registration Code 2021WV AMT-TERM3-DR220
Title Aircraft Maint Tech Term 3
Start Date 2021-02-08
End Date 2021-06-23
Last day to drop 2021-02-20
Withdrawal deadline 2021-04-07
Contact Hours 455.00
Location Dawson Creek
Meetings Lecture: Feb 8 to Jun 23 -- Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri at 09:30-15:45 in Hangar room 14.305
Restrictions CRES AMT2
Capacity 16
Status Active
Instructors Curtis Newby Howard Moody
Important Info
Section Block Code 2020WVAMTDR220
Block Sections 2020WV AMT-101-DR220 2020WV AMT-102-DR220 2020WV AMT-103-DR220 2020WV AMT-104-DR220 2020WV AMT-105-DR220 2020WV AMT-106-DR220 2020WV AMT-107-DR220 2020WV AMT-108-DR220 2020WV AMT-109-DR220 2020WV AMT-110-DR220 2020WV AMT-111-DR220 2020WV AMT-112-DR220 2020WV AMT-114-DR220 2020FV AMT-121-DR220 2020FV AMT-122-DR220 2020FV AMT-123-DR220 2020FV AMT-124-DR220 2020FV AMT-125-DR220 2020FV AMT-126-DR220 2020FV AMT-127-DR220 2020FV AMT-128-DR220 2020FV AMT-129-DR220 2020FV AMT-130-DR220 2020FV AMT-132-DR220 2021WV AMT-210-DR220 2021WV AMT-211-DR220 2021WV AMT-212-DR220 2021WV AMT-213-DR220 2021WV AMT-214-DR220 2021WV AMT-215-DR220 2021WV AMT-216-DR220 2021WV AMT-217-DR220 2021WV AMT-218-DR220 2021WV AMT-219-DR220 2021WV AMT-220-DR220 2021FV AMT-221-DR220 2021FV AMT-222-DR220 2020WV AMT-TERM1-DR220 2020FV AMT-TERM2-DR220 2021FV AMT-TERM4-DR220
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Crosslist Capacity
Course Section ID 139135