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Human Anatomy and Physiology (Online)



This course explains the nature of matter and the principles of chemistry that are important to human physiology. You will learn principles of genetics and gain an understanding of how traits are passed from one generation to the next. This course goes in-depth on how the circulatory and respiratory systems work together to provide human bodies with the oxygen their tissues need, and how they work together with the skin and kidneys to rid the body of wastes. You will learn how human bodies fight off diseases, and how the digestive system converts food into energy and tissue. You will spend time on the endocrine system, which supplies the hormones needed for survival, and the reproductive system, the group of organs that allows life to be passed on to another generation.

In addition, each lesson includes information about specific disorders that sometimes happen to human bodies. By the end of this course, you will have a greater appreciation and understanding of the marvelous complexity of the human body.

Students will need their own computer or access to one with the course system requirements in order to take this course. The system requirements can be found by clicking on the link in the registration area below.

Course start dates:

Online, Self Guided, begin anytime on or after April 1

Online, Instructor moderated, begins April 17

Online, Instructor moderated, begins May 15

Online, Instructor moderated, begins June 12

To register for the course please click the link below

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