Northern Lights College Policy Manual

The Northern Lights College Policy Manual includes College Board, Education Council, and administrative policies. Questions regarding policies can be sent to Policy development at NLC is overseen by the College Policy Committee.

Northern Lights College is governed by the College and Institute Act of British Columbia.

All Policies are available in PDF format. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the documents on this page.

Administration (A)
     A-1 Facilities
    A-1.01 Alcohol Use on College Property
    A-1.02 Residence
    A-1.03 Vehicle Use
    A-1.04 Use of College Facilities & Equipment
    A-1.05 Smoking
    A-1.06 Parking and Traffic
  A-2 Health and Safety
    A-2.01 Communicable Disease Strategy
  A-3 Information Management
    A-3.01 REPEALED 14-June-2016
    A-3.02 Communications, General
    A-3.03 Help Desk
    A-3.04 Information Technology Password Policy
    A-3.05 Modification of Information Technology Infrastructure
    A-3.06 Mobile Communication Devices
    A-3.07 Social Media
    A-3.08 REPEALED 15-Jan-2016
    A-3.09 Information Technology Acceptable Use
  A-4 Public Relations/Marketing
    A-4.01 Campus/Student Access by Federal, Provincial or Municipal Election Candidates
    A-4.02 Marketing
    A-4.03 Media Relations
    A-4.04 Hospitality
    A-4.05 Partnerships with External Organizations
  A-5 Operations
    A-5.01 Records Management & Retention Policy
    A-5.02 Organizational Structure
    A-5.03 Whistleblower
    A-5.04 Student Non-Academic Code of Conduct
    A-5.05 REPEALED 12-Feb-2016
    A-5.06 Policy Development
    A-5.07 Access for Advocacy Purposes  
    A-5.08 Aircraft Arrival & Departure (from Dawson Creek Campus)
    A-5.09 Legal Advice
    A-5.10 Personal Property Liability
    A-5.11 Program Service Reviews
    A-5.12 Recognition and Memorials
    A-5.13 Requests for Research Projects
    A-5.14 Sponsorship/Participation in Community Fundraising Events
    A-5.15 Student Discrimination, Bullying, and Harassment Prevention
    A-5.16 Copyright
    A-5.17 Video Surveillance
    A-5.18 Sexual Violence and Misconduct
    A-5.19 Program Suspension and Cancellation
  A-6 Research
    A-6.01 Applied Research
    A-6.02 Responsible Conduct of Research
Board (B)
     B Board Bylaws
  BP Board-President Relationship
    BP Global Board-President Relationship
    BP1 REPEALED 21-Oct-2021
    BP2 REPEALED 21-Oct-2021
    BP3 Delegation to the President
    BP4 Monitoring Executive Performance
  E Ends (Mission)
    E Mission
    E1 REPEALED 23-June-2016
    E2 REPEALED 23-June-2016
    E3 REPEALED 23-June-2016
    E4 Student Journey
    E5 Responsive Programming
    E6 Truth and Reconciliation
    E7 People and Culture
    E8 Community Connections
  EL Executive Limitations
    EL General Executive Constraint
    EL1 Treatment of Students
    EL2 Treatment of Staff
    EL3 Financial Planning
    EL4 Financial Condition and Activities
    EL5 Asset Protection
    EL6 Compensation and Benefits
    EL7 Communication and Support to the Board
    EL8 Emergency Executive Succession
    EL9 Access to Education
    EL10 Land Use
  GP Governance Process
    GP Global Governance Process
    GP1 Governing Style
    GP2 Board Job Description
    GP3 Board Linkage with Ownership
    GP4 Board Linkage with Other Organizations
    GP5 Chairperson’s Role
    GP6 Board Committee Principles
    GP7 Board Committee Structure
    GP7.1 REPEALED 13-Dec-2017
    GP7.2 Ownership Linkage (O-Link) Committee Terms of Reference
    GP7.3 Governance Committee Terms of Reference
    GP8 Governance Succession
    GP9 Code of Conduct
    GP10 Investment in Governance
    GP11 Board Planning Cycle and Agenda Control
    GP12 Board and Committee Expenses and Remuneration
    GP13 Requests for Presentations to the Board
    GP14 Special Rules of Order
Education (E)
  E-1 Instruction
    E-1.01 Academic Appeal
    E-1.02 Academic Monitoring
    E-1.03 Admissions – Entrance Requirements
    E-1.04 Foreign Students – International Education Referrals
    E-1.05 Course Challenge
    E-1.06 Directed Independent Study (at NLC)
    E-1.07 Evaluating Students
    E-1.08 Academic Integrity (previously 'Honesty')
    E-1.09 Honour List
    E-1.10 Student Absenteeism
    E-1.11 Student Field Trips
    E-1.12 Student Practicum Placements
    E-1.13 REPEALED 23-Oct-2019
    E-1.14 Withdrawal
    E-1.15 Trades and Apprenticeship Safety
    E-1.16 Academic Progression Policy for Developmental Programs
  E-2 Operations
    E-2.01 REPEALED 11-Jan-2019
    E-2.02 REPEALED 22-June-2016
    E-2.03 Contract Courses – General
    E-2.04 Convocation Criteria
    E-2.05 Valedictorian Criteria and Selection
    E-2.06 Criminal Record Search for Students
    E-2.07 Education Council – Student Representatives  Remuneration
    E-2.08 Honorary Associate of Arts Degree
    E-2.09 Late Registration
    E-2.10 Student Appeals
    E-2.11 Registration Priority
  E-3 Programming
    E-3.01 Course Change
    E-3.02 Course Development
    E-3.03 Course Outlines Procedure to Revise
    E-3.04 New Program Proposals
    E-3.05 Transfer Credit
  E-4 Student Services
    E-4.01 Aboriginal Peoples Education
    E-4.02 Access
    E-4.03 Student Financial Aid
    E-4.04 Student Records and Privacy
    E-4.05 Student Rights and Responsibilities
Finance (F)
  F-1 Budget
    F-1.01 Budget Procedure
    F-1.02 Budgetary - Review & Cost Control
    F-1.03 Capital Expenditures
  F-2 Disbursement of Funds
    F-2.01 Coding of Financial Transactions
    F-2.02 Disbursements of Funds
    F-2.03 Disposition of Goods
    F-2.04 Imprest Account
    F-2.05 Petty Cash Funds
    F-2.06 Purchasing
    F-2.07 Signing Authority (Chart Attached)
  F-3 Operations
    F-3.01 Bank Accounts
    F-3.02 Bookstore Operations
    F-3.03 Charitable Donations (to Northern Lights College)
    F-3.04 Donations by Northern Lights College
    F-3.05 Fixed Assets – Inventory
    F-3.06 Investment Policy
    F-3.07 Invoicing for Accounts Receivable
    F-3.08 Donor Recognition
    F-3.09 NSF Cheques Processing & Recovery
    F-3.10 Travel
    F-3.11 Travel Advances
    F-3.12 Fraud Prevention
    F-3.13 Honoraria
  F-4 Student Services
    F-4.01 REPEALED 08-Apr-2022
    F-4.02 Resident Assistant Accommodation Fees
    F-4.03 Tuition Deposits, Deadlines, Refunds and Penalties 
    F-4.04 Tuition Waiver for Seniors
Human Resources (H)
  H-1 Employees
    H-1.01 Childcare Expenses – Reimbursement
    H-1.02 Clerical Staff Testing
    H-1.03 REPEALED 12-Feb-2016
    H-1.04 Early Retirement
    H-1.05 Employee Exchange Program
    H-1.06 Employee Recognition
    H-1.07 REPEALED 13-Oct-2017
    H-1.08 Employee Tuition Assistance (for NLC courses)
    H-1.09 Excluded Employees Political Activity
    H-1.10 Health and Safety
    H-1.11 Respectful Workplace
    H-1.12 REPEALED 11-Jan-2019
    H-1.13 Standards of Ethical Conduct
    H-1.14 Teaching at Other Institutions
    H-1.15 Violence in the Workplace
    H-1.16 Parental Leave (Excluded Employees)
    H-1.17 Moving Expenses
    H-1.18 Substance Use 
  H-2 Operations
    H-2.01 Instructor Qualifications Standards (Academic & Professional Programs)
    H-2.02 Invigilation
    H-2.03 Personnel Advertising
    H-2.04 Release of Information (Staff and Students)
    H-2.05 Staff Membership in Professional Societies
    H-2.06 Winter & Summer Games Participation (Northern BC)
  H-3 Payroll
    H-3.01 Acting Pay – Excluded Positions
    H-3.02 Overtime