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2023-2024 Academic Calendar

MATH040 Advanced Mathematics

(120 contact hours)

As an equivalent to Principles of Math 11 and Pre-Calculus 11, this course satisfies the requirements for Grade 11 mathematics. MATH 040 is designed to meet the entrance requirements for further academic, career, or technical training. Topics include:  basic algebraic review; linear equations and inequalities; graphing, relations, and functions; polynomials and polynomial functions; rational expressions and equations; radical expressions and equations; quadratic equations; and trigonometry.  MATH 040 is recommended for students requiring Grade 11 math for academic post-secondary studies.

Restrictions: Must have been admitted to an NLC program.

Other Prerequisites: "C" or higher in MATH 030 or MATH10 or equivalent or Advanced Level Placement on the CCP Math Assessment

Lecture Hours: 120