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2023-2024 Academic Calendar

HMTF102 Heavy Mechanical Trades Foundation

(910 contact hours)

There are 4 paths included within this course. They are Truck and Transport Mechanic, Heavy Duty Equipment Technician, Diesel Engine Mechanic and Transport Trailer Technician. Students will learn the basics of service and repair of brakes, hydraulics, electrical systems, suspension, steering, heating and ventilation, air conditioning and trailer service and repair.
Students will start off with instruction in safe work practices, including identification and safe use of shop tools, and work through all areas of transport and heavy equipment repair fundamentals.
This program prepares students for the Heavy Mechanical Apprentice level 2.
A more comprehensive description is found on the ITA website at

Restrictions: Must be in the Heavy Mechanical Trades Foundation Program (HMTF1).

Lecture Hours: 383

Shop Hours: 527