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2023-2024 Academic Calendar

IIFT100 Industrial Instrument Mechanic Level One

(240 contact hours)

The Industrial Instrument Mechanic Level One course provides students the opportunity to advance their knowledge and skills acquired either through foundation trades training or from on the job experience. The course introduces students to the fundamentals of pressure measurement and its standards and calibration techniques. In addition, students are exposed to conventional panels and recorders, pneumatic relays and special mechanisms. Students study and service process regulators and a wide variety of control valves and actuators. Students will also undertake an in-depth study of basic electricity including a variety of circuits, switches, relays and solenoids. Students will be exposed to substantial hands-on exercises that will directly relate to the workplace. Upon entering the workforce they will be expected to function as a level one apprentice performing related tasks with structured supervision.

Restrictions: Must be in the Industrial Instrumentaion (IIFT1) Program to register course

Lecture Hours: 120

Lab Hours: 120