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2023-2024 Academic Calendar

MILA450 Millwright Apprenticeship Level 4

(210 contact hours)

This course will provide all the areas of study that a Millwright Apprentice requires to obtain the Level 4 Technical Training Certification. Level 4 continues to build on the knowledge of previous levels and prepares learners for the Interprovincial Examination. Level 4 consist of maintaining and servicing prime movers from stationary engines and turbines, to different compressor designs and functions, to the overhaul and startup procedures. Vibration analysis and balancing are reviewed as are other forms of non-destructive testing that take place in industry. Students who successfully complete Level 4 qualify for the Interprovincial Examination.

Restrictions: Must be in the Millwright Level 4 Program (MILA.4).

Other Prerequisites: Eligibility as indicated by the Industry Training Authority

Lecture Hours: 185

Shop Hours: 25