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2023-2024 Academic Calendar

MGMT450 Principles of Project Management

(3.0 credits)

Principles of project Management (PM) is built on the foundations of The Project Management Institute’s (PMI) standards and guidelines, collectively referred to as PM Body of Knowledge (PMBOK (Registered) Guide). This course prepares learners to carry out PM responsibilities in the work environment and write the PMI project management certification exams. Starting with the definition of PM and its related concepts, this course further explores portfolio management, project selection criteria, the role of a project manager, project team, and stakeholders, organizational influences, and project life cycle. Discussions on the phases of PM life cycle and its related processes include project initiation, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing.PM concepts, techniques, and tools related to project charter, input and output, scope, integration and collaboration, theory of constraints, PM plan, risk management, ethics, human resources, change management, procurement, international quality standards, time and scheduling, cost and budgeting, Gantt chart, Critical Path Method, and PM softwares are integral parts of the course.

Restrictions: Must be in a Post-Degree Diploma Program (MGPD3/MGIT3/MGHA3).

Lecture Hours: 45