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2023-2024 Academic Calendar

Electrician Apprenticeship

Location(s): ​Fort St. John

This program prepares students for entrance into the field of Electrician by providing them with the basic knowledge, skills and technical training that employers are seeking in new hires. As electricity is used for a variety of purposes including climate control, security and communications, electricians need to be proficient in many applications of electricity.

Students will receive provincial apprenticeship curriculum pertinent to the apprenticeship level in which they are enrolled. Upon successful completion of all four apprenticeship levels and appropriate time in the trade, students may be eligible to write the Inter-Provincial Exam for either Construction or Industrial Electrician.

Career Prospects

There are a wide range of career paths for electricians. Some of the types of work, or areas of specialty that can be pursued after electrician training include, but are not limited to: construction and maintenance work, industrial work, linework, communication systems, security and fire alarm systems, solar panel installation, wind turbine maintenance, marine and elevator repair. With advances in technology the work of the electrician is changing and today’s wired environment requires electricians to be able to install electrical control systems that are becoming more complex, often solid-state or computer controlled, which requires electricians to have a greater knowledge of electronic systems


Fort St John1October 2023Cohort 
Fort St John2April 2024Cohort 
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Fort St John4September 2023Cohort 


Level 1 is 300 hours; approximately 10 weeks long.

Level 2 is 300 hours; approximately 10 weeks long.

Level 3 is 300 hours; approximately 10 weeks long.

Level 4 is 300 hours; approximately 10 weeks long.

Estimated Program Fees

Program fee type: Trades/Apprenticeship

Costs indicated are estimates for a full-time course load.

Book, instruments, supplies, uniforms/clothing and third-party fees are additional.

Domestic Fees

TuitionStudent FeesInstruction-related
Fees (includes GST)
Level 1$ 1,026.00$ 71.88$ 182.98$ 1,280.86
Level 2$ 1,026.00$ 71.88$ 182.98$ 1,280.86
Level 3$ 1,026.00$ 71.88$ 182.98$ 1,280.86
Level 4$ 1,026.00$ 71.88$ 182.98$ 1,280.86

International Fees

 TuitionStudent FeesInstruction-related
Fees (includes GST)
Medical Insurance
Level 1$ 3,687.00$ 71.88$ 182.98$ 276.00$ 4,217.86
Level 2$ 3,687.00$ 71.88$ 182.98$ 276.00$ 4,217.86
Level 3$ 3,687.00$ 71.88$ 182.98$ 276.00$ 4,217.86
Level 4$ 3,687.00$ 71.88$ 182.98$ 276.00$ 4,217.86

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Admission Requirements

Eligibility as indicated by SkilledTradesBC.

Important Notes

  1. The program is not eligible for Canada Student Loans.
  2. Students must provide personal protective equipment (footwear having CSA safety-toe protection and CSA safety glasses with clear lenses).Students are required to have a computer (laptop or other mobile device) with minimum computer requirements.
  3. The program is affiliated with SkilledTradesBC.

Program Requirements

Residency Requirement100% of each level must be completed at Northern Lights College or by approval of the Dean
Minimum Grade Requirements70% minimum in all courses


Gap training options:


Training results are reported to SkilledTradesBC