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2023-2024 Academic Calendar

Heavy Mechanical Trades Apprenticeship

Location(s): ​Fort St. John

This program consists of levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 Apprenticeship Technical Training. Upon completion of this course, students will be capable of working in the Heavy Duty, Truck and Transport, Diesel Engine, or Transport Trailer repair industry.

The Heavy Mechanical Technical training encompasses the following four trades:

  1. Transport Trailer Technicians maintain, rebuild, overhaul, recondition, does diagnostic trouble shooting and repair of commercial truck trailers.
  2. Diesel Engine Mechanics install, repair and maintain all internal combustion diesel engines and components as used in transport, construction and marine.
  3. Truck and Transport Mechanics diagnose, repair and service highway buses and trucks. They work for commercial transport vehicle dealers, garages and service stations. A Commercial Transport Vehicle Mechanic is designated as a Truck and Transport Mechanic under the Interprovincial Red Seal program. These mechanics work on the mechanical, electrical and electronic components of vehicles. This includes the fuel, brake, steering and suspension, transmission, emission control and exhaust, and cooling and climate control systems. Some mechanics specialize in one or more of these systems.
  4. Heavy Duty Equipment Technicians overhaul, repair and service equipment such as graders, loaders, shovels, tractors, trucks, forklifts, drills, and wheeled and tracked vehicles. Working from manufacturers’ specifications, they identify and repair problems in structural, mechanical, or hydraulic systems. Heavy Duty Equipment Technicians also work on industrial and construction vehicles, such as mining trucks and bulldozers; on heavy equipment used in construction, forestry, materials handling, landscaping, and land clearing; as well as on buses and large trucks.

Career Prospects

Commercial Transport, Heavy Duty, Transport Trailer, or Diesel Engine sales or parts, parts or sales manager, business or dealership owner, college instructor, mechanical engineer.


Fort St John1September 2023Cohort 
Fort St John2November 2023Cohort 
Fort St John3February 2024Cohort 
Fort St John4 (Heavy Duty)May 2024Cohort 
Fort St John4 (Truck and Transport)April 2024Cohort 


Level 1 is 300 hours; approximately 10 weeks long.

Level 2 is 240 hours; approximately 9 weeks long.

Level 3 is 180 hours; approximately 6 weeks long.

Level 4 (Heavy Duty) is 120 hours; approximately 4 weeks long.

Level 4 (Truck and Transport) is 120 hours; approximately 4 weeks long.

Estimated Program Fees

Program fee type: Trades/Apprenticeship (Tier 2)

Costs indicated are estimates for a full-time course load.

Book, instruments, supplies, uniforms/clothing and third-party fees are additional.

Domestic Fees

 TuitionStudent FeesInstruction-related
Fees (includes GST)
Level 1$ 1,026.00$ 71.88$ 110.02$ 1,207.90
Level 2$ 820.80$ 68.88$ 110.02$ 999.70
Level 3$ 615.60$ 65.88$ 110.02$ 791.50
Level 4 (Heavy Duty)$ 410.40$ 62.88$ 106.40$ 579.68
Level 4 (Truck and Transport)$ 410.40$ 62.88$ 104.32$ 577.60

International Fees

 TuitionStudent FeesInstruction-related
Fees (includes GST)
Medical Insurance
Level 1$ 3,687.00$ 71.88$ 110.02$ 276.00$ 4,144.90
Level 2$ 2,949.60$ 68.88$ 110.02$ 276.00$ 3,404.50
Level 3$ 2,212.20$ 65.88$ 110.02$ 276.00$ 2,664.10
Level 4 (Heavy Duty)$ 1,474.80$ 62.88$ 106.40$ 276.00$ 1,920.08
Level 4 (Truck and Transport)$ 1,474.80$ 62.88$ 104.32$ 276.00$ 1,918.00

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Admission Requirements

Admission eligibility as per SkilledTradesBC.

Important Notes

  1. The program is not eligible for Canada Student Loans.
  2. Students must provide personal protective equipment (footwear having CSA safety-toe protection and CSA safety glasses with clear lenses). Students are required to have a computer (laptop or other mobile device) with minimum computer requirements.
  3. The program is affiliated with SkilledTradesBC.

Program Requirements

Residency Requirement100% of each level must be completed at Northern Lights College or by approval of the Dean
Minimum Grade Requirements70% minimum in all courses
Safety RequirementsStudents are required to sign and adhere to the Trades and Apprenticeship Safety and Attendance Policy.



Training results are reported to SkilledTradesBC