Wind Turbine Maintenance Technician

Wind Turbine Maintenance Technician

Program Description

Students in the Wind Turbine Maintenance Technician program explore the theory supporting wind turbines and the practical maintenance procedures required to maintain turbine output. Safe work practices are stressed throughout. Upon completion of the program, students are prepared to enter the field as wind turbine technicians and to progress to higher levels of certification within the industry.

The program starts with the Electrician foundation training, Wind Turbine specific job site safety, and Electrician level 1 training. Students then go on a 6 week practicum through the summer months and return in fall for foundation level Millwright, and a final 2 weeks of practicum with the same host as in summer. 

Career Prospects

Wind Turbine Maintenance Technician. Demand is strong not only in North America, but in Europe as well.


Location: Students will complete the electrical components of this program at the Fort St. John Campus, and the millwright components of this program at the Dawson Creek campus.

Length: Approx. 51 weeks, 1576 hours (includes 8 weeks practicum)

Start: February

Fees: Current Fee Schedule

Admission Prerequisites

Grade 11 English, or Career and College Preparation English 040 (Advanced English), with C+ or higher;
Grade 11 Math (Pre-Calculus 11), or Career and College Preparation Math 040 (Advanced Algebraic Mathematics), with C+ or higher;
Grade 11 Physics (or equivalent), with C+ or higher; 
ESTR 047 (Advanced-Level Essential Skills or Trades) with 67% or higher;
Complete the following sections of the Canadian Adult Achievement Test (CAAT): 
- Reading Comprehension: 12.0 grade equivalent or higher
- Number Operations: 12.0 grade equivalent or higher
- Problem Solving: 12.0 grade equivalent or higher
- An above average score (51/70; 6th Stanine) required for Mechanical Reasoning
- A score of 70% or higher in the Electrical Math Assessment.  

Dual Credit
- Grade 11 level completion that includes Grade 11 English, Grade 11 Math (Pre-Calculus 11) and Grade 11 Physics with C+ or higher.

Important Notes

  1. The program is eligible for Canada Student Loans. Visit StudentAid BC to apply for financial assistance online.  Note that dual credit students are not eligible for Student Aid.
  2. Safety equipment (CSA approved steel toe boots and glasses) must be provided by the student.
  3. Instruction Related Fees for Electrician, Millwright and Wind Turbine cover supplies used in the program.
  4. The program is affiliated with the following:  Lethbridge College, Vestas America, Great Plains College, and the Industry Training Authority.
  5. The information on this program page is a summary of the official Program Completion Guide approved by NLC’s Education Council. Download a PDF of the Program Guide

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ELFT 101 Electrician Foundation Trades Training 
ELFT 102 Electrician Foundation Level 1 
MILL 101 Millwright Foundation 
MILL 161 Millwright Practicum 
WTMT 150 Jobsite Safety 
WTMT 151 Practicum