Message from the Chair


Thank you for your interest in Northern Light College's Education Council. My name is Faisal Rashid, and I am serving currently as the Chair of the Education Council.

Education Council and the College Board of Governors represent the two systems of institutional governance. Education Council is a legally constituted body established under the College and Institute Act in 1995. The Council sets educational policies and academic standards for curriculum and has an advisory role to the Board of Governors. Council membership is comprised of elected students and staff, as well as appointed administrators.

Education Council is an integral part of our college operations and it depends on the participation of our engaged college community. Advising and approval of program completion guides and revisions to course outlines represent the main activities. We always encourage our college community to participate in further improvement of our programs and policies. I consider Education Council to be the heart of our academic institution, and I welcome you to join our meetings. Our dedicated team of academics and administrators always strives for excellence, and all of us work together to make our students successful.

Please also consider becoming a new member of our Education Council. Positions are available for students, faculty members, and support staff. Meetings are held on the 4th Wednesday of each month from 1:15 pm to 3:00 pm. If you have any questions regarding the Education Council and the membership, please contact myself or the Education Council secretary, Audra Holloway.