Education Council Members


Membership List

Students: (1 year term)
To September 30, 2023
Aileen Marjorie L. Aguirre
Mark Angel A. Andaya
Josephine L. Mata
Mark Steve Tullao

Faculty: (2 year term)
To February 15, 2023
Faculty At Large:
Heather Cobbett (Instructor, CCP, FN)
Josh Klassen (Instructor, Trades, FSJ)
Marissa Thola (International Engagement Coordinator, DC)​
To April 14, 2023
Faculty At Large:
Rob-Roy Douglas, Chair 2022-2023 (Instructor, UNAS, DC)
Lynette Forrest (Workforce Training Coordinator, FSJ)
Howard Moody (Instructor, AME, DC)
Faisal Rashid (Instructor, Business Management, FSJ)
To October 31, 2023
Faculty At Large:
Bruce McKay (Coordinator of Indigenous Relations and Services, DC)
Brandon Mackinnon, Vice-Chair 2022-2023 (Instructor, Business Management, DC)
To March 31, 2024
Faculty At Large:
Morteza Ghadirian (Chair CCP, Instructor UNAS, FSJ)

Support Staff: (2 year term)
To April 14, 2023
Darren Giersch (Communications Assistant, DC)
To March 31, 2024
Lisa Morin (Campus Clerk, TR) 

Administration: (no time limit)
Registrar (Warren Stokes)
Dean #1 (Kathy Handley, Dean of Academic and Vocational Programming)
Dean #2 (vacant)
Senior Vice President, Academic & Research 

Non Voting Membership (Ex-Officio):  President (Todd Bondaroff)
                                                            College Board representative (Mike Gilbert)