Education Council Members


Membership List


Students: (1 year term)
To September 30, 2019
Arindam Bari
Balwinder Dhillon
Hargun Jot Singh
Carlos Yu


Faculty: (2 year term)
To March 31, 2019

Faisal Rashid, Chair 2018-2019 (Instructor, Business Management, FSJ)
Cindy Page (Instructor, Early Childhood Education, *FSJ (*Victoria)
Istvan Geczy (Instructor, Psychology, FSJ)


Lana Sprinkle (Instructor, Practical Nursing, DC)
Alison Starr (Instructor, Applied Business Technology, FN)
Andy Amboe (Instructor, Electrical, FSJ)


Career and College Preparation:
Addie Dawe (Instructor, CCP, FN)
Holly Keutzer (Instructor, CCP, Chet)


Megan Bedell, Vice-Chair 2018-2019 (Admissions Officer, DC)
Josie Jiang (International Education Coordinator, DC)


Support Staff: (2 year term)
To March 31, 2019

Tanya Jones (Financial Services Manager, DC)
Kaleigh Needham (Campus Clerk - WFTR, DC)


Administration: (no time limit)

Registrar (Warren Stokes)
Dean #1 (Steve Roe)
Dean #2 (Tracy Donnelly)
Vice President, Academic & Research (Loren Lovegreen)



Non Voting Membership (Ex-Officio):  President (Dr. Bryn Kulmatycki)
                                                          College Board representative (Mike Gilbert)